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The Water Faucet is published periodically by the Westborough Water District located at 2263 Westborough Boulevard, So. San Francisco, CA 94080, as an information service to its customers.


Click here for the most recent publication of The Water Faucet dated December 2017.


Previous issues of publications of The Water Faucet Newsletter:

        The Water Faucet - May 2017

        The Water Faucet - September 2016

        The Water Faucet - April 2016

        The Water Faucet - December 2015

        The Water Faucet - July 2015

        The Water Faucet - February 2015

        The Water Faucet - September 2014

        The Water Faucet - June 2014

        The Water Faucet - January 2014

        The Water Faucet - August 2013

        The Water Faucet - December 2012

        The Water Faucet - September 2012

        The Water Faucet - April 2012

        The Water Faucet - December 2011

        The Water Faucet - August 2011

        The Water Faucet - March 2011

        The Water Faucet - August 2010

        The Water Faucet - March 2010

        The Water Faucet - September 2009

        The Water Faucet - April 2009


Monthly meetings of the Westborough Water Districtís board of directors are held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at the above address.  The public is invited and always welcome to attend these meetings.

Click here for Directions to WWD Office


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